Sunday, August 8, 2010


today was very shit..
i was at tutor at like 9 in the morning..
it was like WTF?
i was like half dead and sleepy like shit.
then i went to the ct to go eat with feng.
then my mum told me to go lidcomde and i did nothing.
then i went home.
what a waste of my day.

and now i have a virus on msn and its annoying the shit out of me.
that it. bye~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

:( no time to blog.

sorry guys..
havent blogged in like 2 weeks..
its coz of all the shitty assemment and exams..

been working on the hardcore speech for the past few day...
and its killing me...

every 3 days there gonna be an assesment so im sure i wont have time to blog..
i promise ill be back after prelims..
god..that so far away...
but ill get there..
and gl to the people doing their trails.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


today i watched INCEPTION.
it was like the best movie ever.
i had to read wikipedia while watching it
coz i was so WTF?
but it was really really good.

i actually was going to watch aftershock
which is really good aswell...
but the PERSON i was suppose to go see it with dogged me,
so yea..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

schools boring.

i really have nothing to talk about now that school starting..
not like the holidays anymore..
no time to play. :(

i have to start studying coz exams are coming up and u dont wanna fail that.
so yea.

i really want to watch a movie bout ummm the earthquake..
i know it in chinese so yea..
aooarently its really sad and stuff so like ill bring tissue box when i go watch it..
then thing its its only in theat broadway cinema coz its in likeo find yea..
have time for that.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

depressing day :(

todays has been a pretty shit day although i was happy most of the time..
there was alot of things on my mind..
it was complicated..
im not sure what im feeling atm,,,
maybe im just all women..u know...

umm...i woke up late for school but then i realised i didnt have class first period..
so that was good..
i was late for school but the doesnt matter..
just got a late note..haha..

didnt really do much today..
went mono after school and yea..
today is a special day though..
just to me. and maybe  someone eles..but i donno.

did i mention today is like $1 seven eleven day or something?
there like shit for 1 dollar at 7/11..
didnt go though.
friend told me.

so yea..
that was my day...
thought bout alot but no result..
like always.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

first day of school :)

today was the first day of school..
it was okay coz it was a short day..
we got our 2U maths results back and yes i got that very stupid question wrong
 coz 90-48= 40
so yea..but im still happy with my mark.
so yea..
after school went to westfields like always and just hanged out...went to check out the new shops in westfield since i havent been there in like 2 weeks..
then i went to the ct..and did some shit and now im home..
wat a interesting day,..dont u think??

so yea..

Monday, July 19, 2010


todys the last day of holidays :(
what am i gonna dooo...
i woke up at 12 today just to sleep in coz i have to wake up 6:50 tomorrow.
i wish we have another 2 weeks.. sigh~

well..i kinda finished the homework..only the ones due tomorrow..
no idea how im going to finish the rest.

i still have to do the homework for Dr DU or ill get expelled.
omgomg..its like a whole chapter.

planning to bring my computer to school tomorrow so i wont get bored.